Facebook Losing Market Share in USA

StatCounter Global Stats reports that Facebook is the primary source of traffic to global websites with almost half (48%) of Social Media hits followed by StumbleUpon with almost a quarter (25%).

In the following figure is a compilation of Facebook’s market share of social networking websites worldwide. Over the past year, Facebook has gained 14 % market share in Canada. By contrast, in the USA, it has lost 4 % mostly to StumbleUpon. In Asia it has gone up by an amazing 30% to almost 80 % while In Europe it has tripled to 75 %.


Mobile Access

According to ComScore, on the mobile front, in January 2010, 25.1 million mobile users accessed Facebook via their mobile browser, up 112 percent from the previous year. These figures do not include access of the social networking services by the nearly 6 million mobile phone owners who do so exclusively through mobile applications.

Facebook to compete with Google for Ad Revenue?

Several articles and blog postings over the past few weeks have started to outline the intensifying competition that is expected to emerge between Facebook and Google, this has been intensified by the inclusion of Facebook integration into third party websites, in addition to a ‘Like’ button. Facebook’s CEO estimated that they would be serving 1 Billion ‘likes’ every 24 hours! This position favors Facebook‘s capability to push selected advertising to compete with Google. If we also factor in the ‘iAD’ factor on the mobile front with an estimated one billion ad impressions per day, we find that competition for advertising competition is heating up and it will definitely create some interesting changes in the online advertising market.

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