• Market Research
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Implementation Management
Actionable market intelligence is essential to making sound business decisions. Our team of global ICT experts develops in-depth industry and market studies, analyzing trends and modeling forecasts. Our approach starts by leveraging extensive global expertise to devise a comprehensive hypothesis of all the relevant issues and strategic imperatives.  This enables the prioritization of the most critical areas for focus, while remaining circumspect of all potential issues. We reassess, validate, and refine this hypothesis through sound primary research practices. We augment our view by gaining wide-ranging industry perspectives via stakeholder surveys and interviews, and through review of credible secondary research sources. We provide deep analysis of the trends and the resulting impact to our Client. Our Clients use this guidance and advice as a foundation in making critical strategic decisions.
Our market intelligence services include:

  • Industry and Market Forecast & Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Custom Primary Research
  • Detailed Modelling of Trends, Supply & Demand, Utilization, and Valuation of ICT Resources
  • Facilitation and Thought Leadership for Working Groups, Think Tanks and Seminars
Successful organizations periodically rethink and adjust their priorities and operations to embrace on-going enhancements in business practices and more efficient emerging technologies. Our team of experienced consultants leverages global expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and a proven methodology to create tailored strategies and prudent plans for our Clients. Our innovative approach starts with a credible hypothesis that identifies all of the possible issues and their dynamics.  We conduct sound primary research and engage key internal and external participants in the Client’s business to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities. We benchmark against global industry, sector, and competitor best practices to identify areas of strength and weakness. Our intimate understanding of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), enables us to devise the most efficient and effective approach to meet the Client’s needs.   

Our strategic & planning services include:

  • Business & Technology Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Product and Service Development
  • Master Plan Development
  • Feasibility Study and Due Diligence
  • Business & Partnership Model Development
  • Business Plan Development & Financial Modelling
  • Funding Application Development
  • Technology Requirements Determination & RFP Development
  • Technology & Service Roadmap Development
  • ICT Regulatory Compliance
  • Spectrum Planning, Valuation & Acquisition
Once a strategic direction has been formulated, translating it into reality requires skill, experience and discipline. We work with our Clients to identify the success criteria and key performance metrics to be achieved. We leverage our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) expertise to devise a credible plan of action. We work with our Clients and their vendors to manage deployments, provide project implementation oversight, develop acceptance tests, ensure regulatory compliance, and validate that the end implementation provides the intended functionality and quality of service. Our Clients rely on our ICT expertise to anticipate and mitigate risks, identify the most critical issues on the project, and to share trusted, unbiased guidance throughout the implementation process.

Implementation Management Services Include:

  • Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiation Support
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Acceptance Test Planning and Independent Verification
  • Conformation of Technical & Functional Compliance to Contract
  • ICT Regulatory Compliance & Wireless Antenna Tower Siting
    • Health Safety Code Compliance for Wireless
    • Compliance with Federal Industry, Transport, and Navigation Regulations and Consultation Process
    • Landuse Authority Consultations
    • Environmental Assessment