Regulators and Policy Makers understand the positive economic benefits created through greater broadband internet access and have spent much of their recent efforts on developing and implementing National Broadband Plans and Spectrum Policies to support this. They are challenged with devising an approach that effectively allocates and utilizes limited resources such as radio spectrum, encourages internet adoption, improves broadband coverage especially in underserved regions, and successfully promotes private-sector infrastructure investment. In devising effective plans, each Country needs to consider the unique political, developmental, market, and geographical circumstances that will influence how it sets and meets its objectives.

Tremendous growth in demand from mobile devices has had a great effect on some wireless services such as cellular, fixed wireless access and satellite, but, being a finite resource, spectrum is also required for other critical wireless services such as military, public safety, or broadcasting. When developing or executing a spectrum strategy, Regulators can immensely benefit from the expertise of an experienced advisor who can analyze and quantify the current and forecasted spectrum usage and demand in their jurisdiction to formulate effective plans of action in achieving National and International objectives.
Red Mobile can be your trusted advisor, assisting in several areas, including some the following:

  • Spectrum Allocation & Inventory   to create a baseline of the current assignment of spectrum
  • Spectrum Utilization to obtain a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of how effectively spectrum is being used by licensees.   Allows discovery of areas of excess or inefficient  spectrum allocation, and sets the stage for a proper forecasting of future spectrum demand planning.
  • Spectrum Demand Forecasting involves modelling several complex and varying parameters to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis and projection of future spectrum demand across different wireless service areas
  • Spectrum Valuation & Auction Support. Newer models for spectrum valuation and auctions are resulting in a shift of the predominant focus on bidding strategy and game theory to a more balanced focus involving a deep appreciation of future market dynamics and the resulting business value. Sound qualitative and quantitative analysis of service and market growth can enable Regulators and Licensees better value spectrum and successfully participate inr auctions.

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  • Regulatory Policy Review and Consultation
  • Spectrum Planning and Engineering
  • Spectrum Allocation & Inventory Support
  • Spectrum Utilization Assessment
  • Spectrum Demand Forecast Assessment
  • Spectrum Valuation & Auction Support
  • Roaming Policy Development
  • Public / Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Investments
  • National Broadband Planning Policy Review & Consultation
  • Harmonization of National Plans with Neighbouring Countries
  • Regulatory Compliance Support

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