The evolution of ICT technologies; growth of smarter, connected devices; convergence of services; the rapid growth in subscriber traffic demand; and the increasing significance of application ecosystems provide both unprecedented opportunities for service providers as well as challenges to their core business model. Service providers face many challenges from growing demands on scarce spectrum to greater expectations from customers and shareholders. Therefore, the need to be more efficient in use of infrastructure investments, delivery of services, and ability to re-invent traditional business models has never been greater. In today’s highly competitive global economy, Service providers must continue to find ways to devise and execute prudent, agile, and innovative strategies in order to compete.

Red Mobile’s team of experts have been working with service providers from the most advanced markets to the emerging regions of the world to help them devise successful strategies and implement innovative solutions. Our team can be your trusted advisor for standalone projects ranging from Spectrum planning, LTE and IMS planning and implementation, to National ecosystem planning such as Mobile Payments and NFC enabled services.

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Business, Market, & Customer Strategy:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Customized Market Analysis or Primary Research
  • Business & Organizational Strategy Development
  • Business Model Planning
  • Financial Modelling & Funding
  • Product & Service Development Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Process Design and Mapping
  • Customer Acquisition & CRM Strategy
  • Mobile Payments & NFC Strategy & Business Model Planning

Implementation Planning:

  • Vendor Selection & Negotiation
  • Technical Project Management
  • Acceptance Test Planning
  • Transition & Migration Planning to New Networks

Technology Strategy & Planning Services:

  • Technology Readiness
  • Wireless and Broadband Technology Planning
  • 4G System Design and Development
  • Technology Assessment and Requirements
  • RFP Creation and Oversight for Wireless Projects
  • Security Assessment

Regulatory and Spectrum Services:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Antenna Tower Planning & Siting
  • Spectrum Planning & Acquisition
  • Independent Compliance Audit & Certification
  • Device Certification

Product Portfolio Development for the Enterprise Segment for a Regional Carrier

Wireless Data Service Delivery & Content Strategy – A View from Mature Markets

Evolution to IMS – Strategy Workshop for Product Management, Technology Planning & Marketing Teams for Major Canadian National Carrier

IMS & NGN Enabled Wireless Data Services Strategy & Execution Plan for a Major Wireless Carrier

Mobile Content Acquisition & Management Planning for a Major Wireless Operator

Mobile Value-Added Services Benchmarking, Gaps Analysis, and Delivery Optimization for a Major Wireless Operator

Wireless Market Segmentation Planning and Implementation For a Major Wireless Operator

Mobile Handset & Device Client Evolution Planning for a Major North American Wireless Operator

Developed Regionally Specific Enterprise Market programs for a Major South Korean Operator

Customer Loyalty & Retention Action Planning and Markey Survey Study for a Major South Korean Operator

Product Portfolio Development for the Enterprise Segment for a Global Wireless Operator

Developed Distribution Strategy & Technology Training Services for a Major Asian Wireless Operator

Mobile Content Acquisition & Management Planning for a Major Wireless Operator

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